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WP5 –

Global Objective:

The objective of this WP is to identify “NBHO therapy-response safety and efficacy biomarkers”. For that we plan the creation of a common Blood Bank that may be used for the study and discovery of a panel of biomarkers to biologically demonstrate therapeutic response to NBHO associated to neuroprotection and recovery mechanisms after stroke. By this approach we might give for the first time in humans a powerful “proof-of-concept” of NBHO more relevant mechanisms of benefit and brain repair in the stroke setting, by using biochemical surrogate markers. The specific objectives are:

To create the larger European bio resource of stroke blood samples (PROOF-Bio-Bank) that will allow to biologically demonstrating some of the expected benefits of NBO.

To measure blood biomarkers related with the clinical and neuroimaging endpoints and to define the clinical utility of candidate biomarkers involving three main pathways [Oxidative stress, matrix-metalloproteinases and inflammation].

To define a prototype to use as a Point-of-Care (POC) device for blood markers to guide stroke NBHO therapy triage and management.

Task 5.1

Bio Banking Protocol Definition

Task 5.2

Bio banking protocols training

Task 5.3

Bio banking storage material shipment to hospitals

Task 5.4

Bio banking maintenance

Task 5.5

Stroke Biomarkers State of the Art

Task 5.6

Testing candidate biomarkers among Oxidative stress, matrix metalloproteinases and inflammatory biomarkers

Task 5.7

Correlation of Blood and Neuroimaging Biomarkers

Task 5.8

Proposal of an optimal Point-of-Care (POC)