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WP4 –
Brain Imaging and Outcome Assessment

The objectives of this WP are:

  • At the strategic level, to determine the imaging-based, clinical, quality of life and neurocognitive endpoints of the study
  • At the managerial level, to collect and prepare all image data for endpoint evaluation
  • At the administrative level, to ensure standardized image data collection and dedicated image data storage

This Workpackage is concerned with the image acquisition, collection, preparation and analysis of the primary endpoint (infarct growth), secondary endpoints and exploratory imaging endpoints. Imaging time points and corresponding modalities.

Task 4.1

Homogenization of image data acquisition, collection and storage

Task 4.2

Image reading for key imaging endpoints

Task 4.3

Predictive modelling (Exploratory endpoint A)

Task 4.4

Determination of Oxygen extraction fraction (Exploratory endpoint B)

Task 4.5

Statistical analysis of primary imaging and key secondary endpoint

Task 4.6

Statistical analysis of all other secondary efficacy and safety outcomes